Streaming Media is a very popular kind of media, which permits players to stream content with no requirement of downloading it. It allows users to stop, fast-forward, or reverse content. This technique requires a reliable Internet connection with high speed, and the media will play depending on the order it is received. Streaming Media was popularized in late 1990s due to technological advancements that improved speeds and bandwidth.

The Pew Research Center survey found that streaming television is the most popular way that young people can watch it. Netflix is the leading streaming service. It will have 209 million customers by the end of the second quarter 2021. It offers many high-definition (HD) content. YouTube streaming video has become also a significant news source. YouTube is expected to provide news to 25% of US adults by the year 2020. 72 percent believe it’s the primary source for news.

Streaming media allows people to watch, listen to, or download video live through the Internet. Instead of downloading large videos, streaming media deliver a data stream. The user can speed-forward, pause and rewind. It is possible to stream videos using your mobile phone as well as on your computer.

Streaming media permits users to stream video, audio, or other multimedia files to their personal computers. It utilizes simple protocols to transmit the media and play the content on the computer device as it is received from the server. Streaming removes the necessity to download and save them to a hard drive.

While streaming media can be compared to download media, it’s distinct from downloading media. Streaming uses a different server and protocol for storing the files. When a user wants to view a movie, the browser sends an email to a distinct streaming server. ดูหนังฟรี streaming the video begins playing the video fragment by fragment after getting the request. Once the video has finished, the user is redirected to the previous website.

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